Roles and Responsibilities

The President and Vice President of the Student Council
  • Formation of internal regulations in agreement with the Office of Scholarships
  • Organization of Board meetings.
  • Coordination and direct communication with the Office of Scholarships
The Secretary of the Student Council
  • Taking minutes of meetings and documenting the most important administrative decisions and documents issued and received from the Board of Directors, and the signing of documents with the President of the Council
  • Issuing student statements related to their participation and attendance at monthly meetings in coordination with the Student Affairs Committee
  • Delivering the literary report at the end of the Board session to the Scholarship Office
The Financial Secretary of the Student Council
  • Financial management and control of expenses and sources of financial income
  • Documenting the amounts disbursed and the financial income of the sponsors
  • Submitting the financial report to the Scholarship office at the end of the Board session
The Committee of Social and Charity Initiatives
  • Organizing social and charitable activities and initiatives, as well as strengthening partnerships with civil society organizations
The Student Affairs Committee
  • Receiving proposals from students and presenting them at council meetings
  • Organizing internal events for the students in AlMabarrah AlKhalifia
  • To develop proposals for courses and workshops to benefit university students
The Media Committee
  • Coverage of events and annual occasions
  • Archiving published media materials and ensuring their delivery to the Office of Scholarships
  • Editing press releases and arranging media interviews for AlMabarrah AlKhalifia students

Rayaat Students Council members

2017 / 2018
2018 / 2019
2019 / 2020
2020 / 2021
2021 / 2022

Events and Achievements

2017 / 2018
  • Eid event for AlSanabel Children
  • Youth City Participation
  • Visiting UCO parents care centre
  • Breast cancer awareness event
  • Solidarity with Palestine
  • MKF National day 2017
  • Visiting Muharraq social welfare centre
  • Family day gathering
  • Azhar Alherak nursery event
  • First MKF Majless
  • Ramadan competition
  • Eid event for AlSanabel Orphans Care Society
2018 / 2019
  • Youth City Participation
  • MKF Majless
  • Back to school event
  • Special needs event in collaboration with (Sumo) team.
2019 / 2020
  • Anti-Drug awareness event
  • Teacher’s day event
  • Breast cancer awareness day
  • Eid Al-Adha student gathering
  • IELTS exam preparation session
  • Self-development session
  • Mobile photography workshop
2020 / 2021
  1. Book donation
  2. Cancer event
  3. Planting hope
  4. Walking competition
  5. Winter clothing
  6. Workshops
  7. Mother’s day
  8. Ramadan competition
  9. Tasaheel – online lessons

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