Her Highness Shaikha Zain bint Khalid bin Abdulla Al Khalifa
Chairperson of the Board of Directors

The programs of AlMabarrah AlKhalifia Foundation instil the values of volunteerism and community service among Bahraini youth, which is an investment in the future, enhancing their role in social life and developmental work.

For the eighth consecutive year, AlMabarrah AlKhalifia Foundation has launched the Rayaat Scholarship Program for Bachelor’s Degree, 2018, which combines education and youth skills development, both professionally and in volunteerism. The Foundation has also recently organized the second edition of Ithra successfully, which provides an educational and voluntary experience, combining physical, intellectual, and social skills programs in an entertaining environment.

The common link between AlMabarrah AlKhalifia programs is the advancement of youth, instilling within them a culture of volunteerism based on their capabilities and maximizing their potential, while simultaneously driving them towards further voluntarily participations.

We believe that youth volunteerism not only strengthens their role in society or advances communities in all aspects, but is a requirement of contemporary life which is characterized by rapid development in all areas and increasing social needs. Youth is perhaps the segment of society best able to self-make and play a significant role in meeting those needs.

Despite youth’s capability of exerting momentum in volunteerism and community service leading to innovation, modern life has contributed to the reluctance of a large percentage of youth to volunteer. This has led us to opt for this field, implementing voluntary and educational programs that suit this generation, which seeks fun and achievements alike.

The programs of the Foundation promote a sense of belonging to the nation and society through creative activities that attract youth and strengthen their sense of responsibility, according to religious and humanitarian considerations, encouraging them to advance themselves and serve their community and country.

The value of the volunteerism opportunities offered by our Foundation to youth is evident not only in enhancing their national belonging, but also their growing abilities and increasing personal and practical skills through their participation in community service, granting them the opportunity to express their opinions and ideas.

Volunteerism additionally bestows youth with positive energy and thinking and helps to improve the psyche and satisfaction of the volunteer.

In our view, voluntary, charitable or humanitarian work is intrinsic to human beings, however, it grows within a conductive, appropriate environment. This flourishing era of reform is a suitable environment to launch voluntary work for youth.

Our Foundation seeks to be a leader in providing opportunities that enhance moral values, positivity, volunteerism and community service; occupying free time with activities beneficial to the body, spirit and mind, and building the character of Bahraini youth with knowledge and skills that make them successful and distinguished citizens.

Wishing you a wonderful year.