AlMabarrah AlKhalifia Foundation held a number of initiatives throughout the pandemic COVID-19, which aimed to support distance learning by developing the students’ skills during their spare time. The initiatives included:

Launch of ‘100 Laptops’ initiative:

The aim of this initiative was to provide laptops to schools and universities to support distance learning and support the students with continuing their education. The Foundation received a total of 150 laptops from individuals and institutions, which they then distributed to students.

‘Series of Livestreams’ initiative:

AlMabarrah AlKhalifia Foundation organized a series of livestreams on their Instagram account, which were hosted by members of the Foundation.

University Degrees:

AlMabarrah AlKhalifia Foundation filmed testimonials of their members briefly talking about their university degrees, which will help future students joining the same university to choose a suitable degree.

‘Jaser’ initiative:

The Foundation is preparing to launch the ‘Jaser’ platform, a first of its kind in the Kingdom, which is a ‘remote work’ platform that provides the perfect opportunity for Bahraini talents to showcase their projects. This helps employers find the right candidates suitable for the required job.

Online courses and workshops:

In line with its aim to encourage students to make good use of their time by developing their skills and creative talents, the Foundation, in cooperation with specialized institutions, provided a number of courses such as designing websites, how to develop a successful work plan, designing a future vision board and a career protocol course.

Virtual Ithra Youth Program 2020:

AlMabarrah AlKhalifia Foundation launched the Ithra Youth Program 2020 under the name of E-Ithra, to complete the remainder of the second phase of workshops within the program. The program focused on self-development, employment and technical skills, as well as instilling a sense of responsibility within the students.

Zain Bahrain cooperated with AlMabarrah AlKhalifia Foundation within the competition #Stay_Home, which aimed to enhance community awareness on the importance of staying at home during the recent pandemic. Valuable gifts were awarded to the winners of the Ithra Youth Program encouraging them to use their spare time by developing their skills through online courses.

Interactive competitions:

The Foundation hosted a number of fun competitions through social media, with the aim of creating a sense of excitement among young people. The competitions included Ramadan trivia, Eid trivia, which consisted of two of the Foundation’s students presenting the livestream competition.

Design your face mask competition:

Participants had to create and design their own face masks by using recycled material.

Zain Bahrain collaborated with AlMabarrah AlKhalifia Foundation as part of the #Stay_Home campaign, which aimed to enhance community awareness on the importance of staying at home during the pandemic, whereas the Ithra program was also supported by providing gifts to winners.

Ramadan weekly trivia:

Trivia questions about Ramadan were posted weekly on the Foundation’s social media channels, with the aim of instilling and educating students on the religious aspects of the holy month.

Ramadan values:

Students were encouraged to participate by sending a video of themselves showing how they applied one of the Ramadan values during the holy month. The holy month is considered an opportunity to embrace a number of values that contribute to building a society that enhances their abilities towards spreading good and demonstrating community solidarity under the circumstances. The Ramadan values include:

  • Strengthening social and family bonds
  • Helping others
  • Appreciating life’s blessings
  • Being charitable
  • Spreading good
  • Moral values

Ramadan sessions:

The Foundation’s employees hosted religious sessions through their own social media accounts. The first session was entitled ‘Between guidance and relapse’, whereas the second session was about ‘Bani Israel’. The sessions aimed to instill religious beliefs and create a spiritual atmosphere during the month of Ramadan.